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Sensual Domination in Chicago: Giving up control to melt away real world exhaustion

Decisions, decisions…

I have never been what you would call a great cook. We cannot all be Josie Qu after all. I wish I could be a regular Barefoot Contessa, but truthfully, I find the entire process overwhelming and tedious. This makes me an incredibly boring eater, yet I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I run my own business. I spoil my sweet baby-cats. I manage to write a newsletter every week. You could not imagine the amount of strenuous thought processing that goes into choosing the perfect red hue (#CD0505) or how many cocktail dresses I try on before heading out for a steakhouse date night.

Goddamn, it can be exhausting.

Decision fatigue is real! It makes sense that I would want to reserve an area of my life that requires little to no choice. Just one corner where there is a basic, reliable formula that I always know the answer to no matter how hectic everything else gets. An area where I be a little braindead and can just coast.

So chicken and broccoli, it is. (Again!)

I know its like that for you too.

Many of my boys are in positions of power in their daily lives with a lot of individuals relying on them. Whether the calls are coming from the office or inside the house, it can be a lot of pressure to maintain an image of strength and wisdom for those looking up to you. And that’s not even considering the private pressures you put on yourself to meet your own sky-high standards.

It sounds like you need a little chicken and broccoli.

Now, I am not forcing my bland cooking down your throat, I am not that kind of sadist. What I want is to remove the burden of decision making for a little while. To reset you and give you access to a clear mind. To suspend time and responsibility for a moment and allow for massive waves of relief to wash over you in a space where all the choices are made for you.

This may or may not include me blindfolding and tying you up.

Letting a lady like me take control is really about freedom. You don’t have to wonder if you’re doing it right or anxiously plot out what position we will assume next. All you have to do is be present, lay back, and allow pleasure and deep sensuality to happen to you. You just receive and react. I want to give you permission to get lulled into a trance by the sound of my sultry voice and naughty words. Its a spa day for your inner intimate life.

These moments are brief and impossible to sustain forever. Eventually, you’ll have to go back to leading team meetings that could have been an email. I’ll go back to my bad cooking and needy kittens. But we have a place to escape the burden of choice. Having prioritized the time allows us to emerge sharper and more capable in facing our unending daily tasks. We are better for being a little indulgent and vulnerable.

Its refreshing to let a broad like me seduce you into a new state of being. Here, I make all the rules and I know exactly what to do…But just promise me you will handle dinner.


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