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How to Book a Philadelphia Companion

There are endless resources out there for universal booking etiquette, but this guide will be specific to my personal preferences. I have indulged in the hobby for some time now so I am a woman intimately aware of what she wants and very at ease vocalizing it. This is a secretive, spicy little world and that can be nerve racking to navigate for the first time. I am always patient and sensitive to that.

I will never get angry for you being new and not knowing the nuances of this ancient negotiation. I am very much of the mind that you can’t know, until you’re taught. But once you’ve been taught, you will be held to the expectation to know.
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I will not be held liable for your inevitable crush on me

Reaching out to me for a reservation will be my very first impression of you and will naturally set the tone for our budding relationship . And we all know, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Now let me show you how its done ❤️

The Do's


  • DO your research! Before reaching out, you should know my offerings, rates, and general availability. If the information is readily available online and you ask me for it, it will not be a good look.

  • DO get to know me! I am very active on social media and love to share my musings via my LoveNote hosted on Substack. You can follow my adventures, get a sense of my personality and humor, and see what we already might have in common. Bonus points if your research leads you to pick up one of my favorite wines or snacks for our first date!

  • DO give me enough time. For dates 2 hours and under, I prefer at least 24hrs notice. For dates 3 hours+, I’d like a 72hr notice as to budget my energy accordingly and give my best self to you.

  • DO be realistic. Sometimes late notice is available for shorter romps, but the best experiences are when I can be well rested and prepared. Many providers will not entertain same day bookings and will consider asking for one rude. I cannot always make it happen, but when I can and I'm in the mood, it should be deeply appreciated for its rarity.


  • DO have all of your information ready upon the first contact. I require first and last name, phone number, and email address. Filling out my contact form is the simplest way to approach me, but I am also happy to coordinate via text in real time. Let’s save ourselves the trouble and do it right the first time.

  • DO be prepared to verify identity via LinkedIn or employment or university email. I can promise I have absolutely no interest in sharing your information and outing you. The logic of this process is that only you would have access to an official email or profile with your name attached, so you are who you say you are. Also know that I do know what a fake LinkedIn profile looks like so don’t try it, buddy!

  • DO understand that I will be more formal during the screening process than I will be once you’ve passed or in person. Do not mistake my professionalism for coldness.


  • DO keep it current! Make sure your references are from within the past 6 months. I, or another lady, cannot vouch for a man seen 3 years ago. A lot can happen in that length time. Even if he was at his best with me way back when, his behavior may have declined with other ladies in the meantime.

  • DO send her my way! The vast majority providers prefer you ask permission before sending their contact information to your latest conquest. You should make sure to read her personal rules and honor them. In my case, if you’d like to use me as a reference, my contact info is public, I would rather you just have her reach out to me via email directly. This is purely about saving time. One less email for ol’ Maxie!

Post-Screening Phone Call:

  • DO get comfortable with me! If you’re shy or interested in a more bespoke experience, you have the option to arrange the details and logistics over the phone with yours truly after screening. I've found hearing each other’s voices before meeting is a great way to not only alleviate anxiety but build anticipation!

  • DO recognize phone calls are my personal preference in getting to know you. Providers across the industry may not offer this and that is totally fine!

  • DO be on your best behavior. Even if you technically pass my screening on paper, I reserve the right to terminate your reservation if during our chat I get the sense we will not be an ideal match.

Booking / Deposit

  • DO have your schedule and logistics ready. I do not like to go back and forth playing phone tag. If we are meeting locally in Chicago, I have a selection of incalls downtown, west, and even a few in the suburbs. Once we have a time, I will see which location we suit us best and confirm it with you shortly.

  • DO be prepared for a small deposit for our first meeting. I keep it simple with a flat rate rather than dealing with percentages. Trust is built over time and I will need collateral while we are still getting to know each other. Your time slot is not confirmed with me until the deposit is received. I will only ask for a deposit in three cases: For a first date, an extended date, or when pre-booking for a tour in your city. Once we are friends, you are free to go cash only.


The Absolute Do Not's

  • DO NOT feel pressured to include details about your looks, body type, or race, etc in your introduction. Age is interesting for conversational context and I would need to know in advance if you have any special needs I may need to accommodate for, but rest assured, I see every shape, size, ability, and color. Unfortunately, this is not an industry-wide standard and many have felt compelled to disclose before booking due to bad past experiences with other providers. You will never have to worry about that with me.

  • DO NOT call unannounced. I am a provider who has their phone number published online. I am actually one of the few who do like booking over text in real time, many providers do not. Do not abuse this access to me.

  • DO NOT haggle. No provider’s rate is “too high”, it’s just about what is a good fit for you and I. There are companion options at every price point and surely there’s a stunning one in your range. If you have your heart set on a gal out of your budget, take your time and save up. I promise your crush is worth it! (Especially if I'm your crush!) You are not the first genius to come up with the classic “If you give me a discount, I will become a regular” carrot dangle. The conversation will end here if attempted.

  • DO NOT read too much into online reviews. There was a point where review culture was the accepted norm to verify a provider was real. Understandable in theory, but now we have social media, selfies, and even podcasts! The details of many reviews are fake or highly exaggerated. That system may have been relevant at one point, but in this day and age, reviews are essentially fan fiction for other men.

  • DO NOT go into acronyms and specific acts. Its rude and off putting. During our post-screening phone call, its one thing to go over general kinks and curiosities, (for example, if you’re into bondage, I need to know in advance to bring my ropes), but its another thing to reduce me to a sexual checklist. You and I will do what two people on a date are able to accomplish in the amount of time we have reserved for each other.

  • DO NOT omit required screening information. I ask for nothing more than what you’d fill out signing up for a gym class. There is no way around screening or revealing identity. My safety and future are invaluable, nothing is worth putting myself in potential danger. I am unafraid to turn anyone down who unwilling to comply with my standards. If you have different boundaries, make sure to reach out to a provider who is comfortable with what you’re willing to share, but I will not budge on my personal protocol.

So now, that you know, you know! Some of these rules are specific to me, but I want my boys to be good examples of what a client can be. If I have the honor of being your first, I want to set you up right so you're confident in etiquette and expectations for the future ladies you see. Make me proud, boys!



Thank you so muvh Ms. Maxienne, this is very helpful information for a newbie like myself!!


Unknown member
Nov 29, 2022

Beautifully written and as someone new to Chicago and this, it is very refreshing and greatly appreciated.

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