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Getting to
Know You


/ 1700


/ 2000

Up to 8hours

/ 3000


All Night Long

/ 4000

Full Day Together

/ 5500

The Weekender

/ 7500

The Intro


/ 800


/ 1000


/ 1350

East Coast

I am happy to visit you along the East Coast if given a 48hr notice. Apply this flat rate travel fee to my hourly rate in advance in addition to a 50% deposit.

NYC  or DC (3hr minimum)


Baltimore (2hr minimum)


New Jesrsey (2hr minimum)



You can take the girl out of Chicago, but not Chicago out of the girl! I could never keep away from my former homebase, so my visits are incentivized over other cities

Chicago Date (2hr minimum)


Kinky Escape (2hr minimum)


Feeling deviant...? Explore with me in my favorite fully equipped, immersive, GORGEOUS fetish space. Add dungeon rental to hourly rate + travel fee.

Curious? Read up on my
passion for play!

Fly Me to You

Are you located a little further from Chicago than you'd like? In need of a traveling confidant to keep you inspired between meeting on your next work trip? Do you need a gal as adventurous as you for your next safari?

Then I think we can figure something out...

I am passport ready and can be available nation- and world-wide. I require at least a week's notice to coordinate the details. Transportation and accommodations will be covered by you in advance in addition to a 50% deposit.

4hour Minimum
Overnights encouraged

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